Damon Lindelof’s secret Star Wars project gets disappointing update


The highly secretive Star Wars project, believed to be headed up Damon Lindelof, alongside Ms Marvel director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, has reportedly received a disappointing update.

Not much was known about the top-secret project, but it had been through a series of delays, as the screenwriters and director went through a shake-up. However, it was believed to be a priority at Lucasfilm, as one of the key movies in the pipeline.

Now, the film has reportedly been cancelled before it’s truly begun, according to FandomWire. This is believed to be due to conflict with Lindelof himself, just a few months production was rumoured to begin in April of this year.

This news, if true, will prove disappointing to many Star Wars fans. The title was believed to centre around a POC lead, leading to some speculation the story could be linked to fan-favourite John Boyega’s Finn from the sequel trilogy.

According to FandomWire, the project was announced earlier than usual, as an attempt from Lindelof to ensure it went through. It seems this plan may have backfired, with the title now returning to the shelf once more.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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