Hasbro announces more upcoming Star Wars ‘Mando Mania’ products


Following yesterday’s weekly ‘Mando Mania’ update, Hasbro has announced more upcoming Star Wars product launches.

The ‘Mando Mania’ promotional campaign is currently running, with new licensed items based on The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett being showcased on the official Star Wars website every consecutive Wednesday. In addition to yesterday’s exclusive reveal of the upcoming Star Wars: The Black Series Pyke Soldier, Hasbro has now pulled back the curtain on two more items arriving in the next 12 months.

First up is the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Tusken Raiders, a four-pack of 3.75-inch action figures featuring the fearsome desert nomads of Tatooine. The set includes a variety of Sand People with accurate detailing, cloth elements and accessories, as well as a chieftain. The Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Tusken Raiders will arrive in Fall 2023 and be priced at $54.99.

Also revealed by Hasbro is the Star Wars: Lightsaber Forge Yoda Electronic Green Lightsaber. This roleplay accessory is aimed at younger fans of the saga and includes various mix-and-match elements for constructing a custom version of the iconic Jedi weapon. The lightsaber comes with an extendable green blade that flicks open, a cap, a combined cover and core and a connector. In addition the Star Wars: Lightsaber Forge Yoda Electronic Green Lightsaber also has unique sound effects and lights-up. Expect this roleplay accessory to be available Summer 2023, priced at $27.99.

Images: Hasbro


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