Ranking every member of The Bad Batch by strength


As The Bad Batch returns to our screens weekly for its second season, we’re getting to see the gang testing their skills against new and intimidating challenges. Adapting to life under the radar as the Empire’s strength grows means that Clone Force 99 will need to be at their very best to face what’s to come.

With that in mind, here’s a ranking of each member’s strength, from weakest to strongest.

6 – Omega

While Omega may have grown up some since Season 1, she’s still the newest member of Clone Force 99. Her young age as a teenager doesn’t mean she’s without strength, being skilled at combat and often intelligent beyond her years.

Nonetheless, she is certainly physically weaker and has less experience than the rest of Clone Force 99. As an enhanced clone, she is both compassionate and smart, both qualities that have helped out the Bad Batch time and again. Now that she is being trained by Clone Force 99, we can expect to see Omega become far stronger in seasons to come.

5 – Tech

Where many of his brothers are physically strong and skilled at fighting, Tech’s talent with technology earned him both his nickname and a reputation within the show. What’s more, he uses it to his advantage in combat, being able to calculate what strategy to use to win.

Nonetheless, he is likely one of the physically weakest of the group – but that’s only because he’s got some incredibly strong brothers to contend with.

4 – Crosshair


Crosshair’s key genetic mutation is his exceptional eyesight, making him a deadly sniper and expert marksman. Since his continued loyalty to the Empire and the developing of a grudge against Clone Force 99, Crosshair is one of the key threats they face – but arguably is no stronger than any of them.

While he may be able to pick them off from a distance and has a great talent for weaponry, Crosshair sits squarely in the middle portion of this list.

3 – Echo

As the result of experiments by the Separatists, Echo is part-clone, part-machine, with parts from droids used to augment his body. As well as physical strength and a skill for hacking, Echo also has an excellent tactical mind from his time with the 501st. His droid elements often help him out in combat and he’s got a thirst for battle and doing the right thing.

He has certainly earned his place in the top half of his list, edged out only by…

2 – Hunter

As the leader of Clone Force 99, Hunter’s heightened senses elevate him above most others on the battlefield. He can track and hunt any target and has earned the confidence of his squad, which only adds to his own strength as both a character and a fighter.

Hunter has proven himself time and again throughout Season 1 of The Bad Batch to be a great squad leader and tactician, doing whatever it takes to survive and ensure the survival of his squad.

1 – Wrecker

The #1 spot on this list comes down to sheer physical strength. Wrecker might not be the smartest, but he cannot be bested when it comes to resilience and physical power. He can (and has) fought almost anything and his strength is visible through his bodily differences from his brothers. Wrecker is both taller and broader than the other clones, allowing him to withstand blaster fire and shockingly hard punches.

Congratulations Wrecker, you made #1.

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