Regal Robot announces Star Wars Yak Face Concept Maquette Replica


High-end Star Wars collectible creator Regal Robot has announced its upcoming Yak Face Concept Maquette Replica.

Regal Robot is getting ready to expand its Star Wars Archive Collection with yet another must-have item that justifies the company’s reputation for high-end licensed products. Following in the footsteps of the recently-announced Tusken Raider Gaffi Sticks comes the Yak Face Concept Maquette Replica – Judy Elkins Signature Edition.

Limited to just 125 busts, this signature version of Saelt-Marie (known affectionately as Yak Face) is based on the character’s appearance in Return of the Jedi and has been created using the original film artefact. Scanned in in high-resolution, the 1:1 scale maquette has been faithfully recreated by the Regal Robot team to reflect sculptor Judy Elkins’ design.

Standing more than 16cm tall, the Yak Face Concept Maquette Replica sits on a wood display base and is cast in heavy resin. The hand-painted piece has had hair applied by the Regal Robot artists, making each collectible truly unique.

Each statue comes with a hand-numbered metal plaque and will arrive in a gloss black box, with all 125 busts signed by original sculptor, Judy Elkins, who was part of the Return of the Jedi creature FX team. The Yak Face Concept Maquette Replica is priced at $449 and will be available to pre-order from the Regal Robot website from noon on April 6.

Images: Regal Robot


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