Star Wars: The Bad Batch celebrated New Year’s with Season 2 character posters


New character posters for Star Wars: The Bad Batch have been dropping each day since New Year’s Eve.

So far, we’ve had previews of the new looks for Echo, Tech, Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair. The new appearances of the gang leave more room for individuality in their second season, as the entire group adjust to life on the run from the Empire.

Omega predictably looks the most different, having grown up somewhat and now kitted out with her own helmet. For all the characters, however, there’s a lot more colour involved, with orange details and accents on their armour in place of the standard issue white and grey.

You can also see evidence of further customisation of their outfits, such as Hunter’s red neck scarf. By contrast, Crosshairs’ outfit stays rigid and closer to that of Season 1, without any of the same orange hints as the rest of the crew, highlighting the ongoing divide between him and the others as he continues to try and hunt them down.

The Bad Batch will be available to watch from January 4 on Disney Plus, in a special two-episode premiere. From there, new episodes will air weekly throughout the 16-episode season, dropping every Wednesday.


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