Star Wars: The Bad Batch continues the tragic story of Commander Cody


In Episode 2 of the second season of The Bad Batch, the animated series continues the story of fan-favourite Commander Cody after the Clone Wars.

Speaking to, voice actor Dee Bradley Baker shared about how we’re meeting back up with the beloved Clone Wars character and what that means for his story moving forward.

“Well, it’s fascinating, isn’t it? Cody’s a beloved character,” Baker said. “We know since Order 66 played out, we’ve all seen that he was part of that horrible moment, and his place in that.

“But then you wonder what became of Obi-Wan’s right-hand clone, what happened there. And so it turns out that he’s still in with the Empire and he still thinks that this went the way it should — that they took out the bad guys and they’re here to bring order and to make the world work, and they’re a fighting force for good.”

Of course, we the audience and the Bad Batch themselves know that they are not a force for good. What’s more, we might start to see Cody begin to realise that for himself.

“He is faced with the reality on the ground of what’s actually transpiring of what’s unfolding,” Baker continued. “As the fans know, and I think love, about the clones, is that the clones exist in a moral universe. They know right and wrong, fair and unfair, just and unjust, and they want the best. And when they see it, they have the humanity and the intelligence to start to inspect the contrary of what may have always been said or believed.

“So here we have Cody, coming face-to-face now with the reality of what he has signed into, or what he stayed loyal to, as well as Crosshair… And so both of these guys are starting to see, very directly and movingly, what’s up, in a way that cannot be denied, excused, or turned away from.”

Character arcs like this are what make The Bad Batch so captivating, telling the stories of clones that would go unheard in the main trilogies of films. It’ll be interesting to see where the rest of the show takes it, with new episodes of the second season airing each Wednesday on Disney+.

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