Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 hits the mid-season point with two new episodes


Two all-new episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch have dropped today, marking the halfway point in Season 2 of the hit animated series.

There’s double the action, excitement and intrigue this week, with episodes seven and eight of Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 now available to stream on Disney+. Secrets are revealed and new challenges await Clone Force 99 in ‘The Clone Conspiracy’ and ‘Truth and Consequences.’ (Spoilers ahead)

The first episode is set entirely on Coruscant, with clone trooper Cade killed by a mysterious masked assassin, before fellow trooper Slip manages to escape with the knowledge that the ‘storm’ that wiped out Kamino was just a cover story. Shifting to the Senate building reveals that the man behind the destruction of the cloning facility, Admiral Rampart, is attempting to push through a Defense Recruitment Bill that will lead to the creation of a new non-clone army to serve the emerging Empire.

Senator Riyo Chuchi, last seen in The Clone Wars animated series, alongside Bail Organa, attempts to defend the rights of clones before they’re ‘phased out’ for good. This leads to the senator being attacked for what she knows, with the identity of both her saviour and the masked assassin raising even more questions that need answering.

In ‘Truth and Consequences,’ the focus shifts back to Clone Force 99 and Omega, with an ally from the past summoning the team to Coruscant for what appears to be a straightforward mission. The squad is sent to retrieve the command logs from Rampart’s Venator, which contain a copy of his crimes on Kamino.

Whilst Senator Chuchi and Omega pay a visit to Halle Burton, former senator for Kamino, to gain support for the clone’s cause, the rest of the team attempt to infiltrate Rampart’s ship. Under attack from overwhelming Imperial forces, Clone Force 99 pull off a daring escape using what’s left of the Venator. With the evidence in hand, Chuchi confronts Rampart in the Senate, with an appearance by Emperor Palpatine himself seemingly sealing the Admiral’s fate and announcing the emergence of a new threat to the galaxy.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 is currently streaming on Disney+ for all subscribers, with episode nine of the show, ‘The Crossing’ due to arrive on February 15, 2023.

Images: Star Wars


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