Star Wars villains become cute, cuddly kittens, thanks to AI


An AI tool has created artistic versions of several Star Wars characters from the original trilogy – but if there were tiny, adorable, kittens.

Using MidJourney, Startefacts has created miniature fluffy versions of our favourite Star Wars characters. Some of them lend themselves easily to becoming animals, like the Wookiees. Case in point: Chewbacca’s new look, pictured below.

Others take some of their characteristics from the movies to their new forms, like this grumpy-faced Darth Vader. He looks slightly cuter and less intimidating as a younger version of himself, with tiny fluffy hoods sticking out of his dark hood.It’s not just living creatures that work in the same way – even droids can become fluffy and cute. C-3PO and R2-D2 are pictured here in cat form, although the former has a sort of haunting quality to it. Just look at this big round eyes!
Perhaps the most adorable of them all:  Cat Yoda. Of course, the floppy pointed ears stayed, but the Jedi Master’s signature clothing and green skin has been replicated in an oversized hoody.Certainly the prettiest of them all is Ahsoka’s feline variation. Pointed ears replicate the shape of the former Jedi’s head, complete with unique markings along her face and tail that reflect Ahsoka’s own features. The attention to detail is truly impressive.

Images: MidJourney via Startefacts


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