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The last Jedi Review

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The Last Jedi

I love Star Wars and I love film in general so it feels a bit like heresy to say I disliked ‘The Last Jedi’.

There are some good things about the film but they are few and far between. The truth is, ‘The Last Jedi’ is utter banal rubbish (I would use stronger language but for the sake of our younger readers I am self censoring.)


There is so much wrong with this film but let’s start with good. The film is beautiful and epic looking as you would expect and ……   .. erm that is about it!


I can’t be sure but I think that halfway through post-production, when Carrie Fisher died, someone decided that Leia’s part needed to be extended. In order to do that they decided that her original intended death would be reversed and a resurrection scene was developed. Subsequent additional scenes were created using ‘cutting room floor clipping’ This may not be the case but if it is not, it seems like this is what happened.  As a result there is a very strange sequence of Leia who suddenly has becomes super-human. Subsequent footage of her has no relevance to the story, although, to be fare, no-one has much relevance to the non-story, but I will get to that later. This is not only strange resurrection in the Movie.  I saw Fin’s new girlfriend die. Minutes later she is injured  but alive (in what looked like Lister’s bed from Red Dwarf).

Talking of comedy sci-fi ‘Red Dwarf’ is funny, ‘Guardian’s of the Galaxy’ will make you smile and laugh, and ‘Third rock from the sun’ is a great comedy soap, but Star War’s apart from heavy doses of irony from Han Solo, is not supposed to be ‘side splitting funny’ (unless you are Snoke). Of course there was Jar-Jar, but I thought we had learned that lesson.  Everywhere there are jokes form the opening scenes with Po and Hux.  Hux ,an Evil General is made to look buffoon. How could such an idiot be a general let alone the third/ fourth most powerful person in the Galaxy.  The jokes are rarely funny there are too many of them, and they are in the wrong places. At times I thought I was watching ‘Airplane’. Especially not funny’’ were the beakless penguins. That brings me to cute and Disneyfication.

Ok so you have a film franchise and you want to sell some merchandise and some cuddly toys. Why not introduce a cute creature? Here’s how you can do this:

  • Steal the concept of a rival (Star Trek Tribbles).
  • Develop the size and structure from another franchise (Penguins of Madagascar).
  • Steal the cute from a better film (Gremlins)
  • Ignore previous failures (Ewoks).
  • Overuse – to reinforce the image so younger viewers become fascinated.
  • Give them their own cartoon series.
  • Become a cynical SOB.


Only item 6 left to do then!

Now we come to the script. What exactly happened in this movie.?

At the beginning of this movie:  Luke was elsewhere in the galaxy; Rey was a potential Jedi master;  Kylo Ren was a Sith; The resistance were on the run.

At the end of this movie:  Luke is elsewhere in the universe; Rey is a potential Jedi master; Kylo Ren is a Sith Lord; The resistance is on the run.


There were a lot of explosions in between, and there are fewer old character are left, although I expect some could be resurrected at any time. So the answer to what exactly happened in this movie? Is…. nothing much! Now that is OK providing you get something from the journey, but with increasing numbers of character becoming immortal (on this plane or the next), there was,and is no sense of peril. Rey’s story it turns out is one of irrelevant abandonment (although I expect that to be corrected in the next movie). So that mystery has gone. Luke ran away because he failed or something? So that mystery has gone, but makes no sense.
Oh! I don’t care about any of it! It is all full of holes. Not the best thought to have after 2.5 hours of movie and 48 hours to think about it.



I loved   ‘The Force Awakens’ and  ‘Rouge One’ so it gives me much pain to declare that:

I hated ‘The last Jedi’ 


At best it is  badly edited, badly directed, with a poor script. At worst it is cynical, exploitative, formulaic tat.



  1. I would give you my opinion on the film but hold on …please hold im putting you through ….I am a massive statwats fan but i left that cinema with my heart shattered and wandering what have they done to my boy hood hero who i looked up too.The Farm boy who saves a galaxy and now milks a cow on an island full of penquins who decide that when the Falcon lands its a good place to build a nest….would a jedi master just throw his trusted laser sword away….didnt park his x-wing too welk either…
    BB 8 becomes a waste paper bin and then a slot machine.
    Chewie becomes high court sheriff kicking in doors
    R2D2 did as much as luke in TFA…
    So the Rebels are on the run in spacecraft that do 50miles to tje gallon …what happen to Ion engines as used by the tie fighters …The scene with Our Princess being killed and blown in to space was a heros exit but to fly back like Mary poppins …i couldnt look …she could of save Genral Ackbar ….plug her in for 10mins gas mark 7 she’ll be good as new.
    FINN oh yes hes on defrost walking around a ship leaking like a hotwater bottle with holes in it and the Po say Hi mate how you doing lets get you dressed….
    SNOKE was going to be a brilliant villain then cut short in his prime…i can get that but that would be a good way to go but not as your building his character up.
    The red guards …brilliant and well trained (knights of Ren
    Po in an x-wing takes out the Drednaughts guns ..have the first order not seen the other films
    Fin was on the run again chats up a girl then goes into batyle to save the rebels in near the final scenes then she crashes dies and is saved by fin…what is going on…oh did them walkers and the rebels in trenches remind you of Empire Strikes back nahhhhh….lol

    Why kill my hero …no no no….im sure luke will be back in ghost like form but what a sad way for the hero of the galaxy to go..

    I know people want to like this film as its a starwars film but it is so wrong ..rubbish ….I find it hard as a fan ..i feel lost …ive lost that warm feeling i had when i watched a New Hope thinking id grow up and save the universe…..
    JJ You are my only hope….save starwars.


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