The Star Wars: Andor Soundtrack Volume 3 is now available


The original music for the final four episodes of Star Wars: Andor is now available to purchase with the release of the Volume 3 Soundtrack.

Star Wars fans have been captivated by the epic music of the saga since they first heard John Williams’ iconic opening score in A New Hope. That tradition continues to this day, with new compositions being created for each Disney+ TV series, up to and including Star Wars: Andor.

All 12 episodes of the most recent Star Wars show have featured original music created by composer Nicholas Britell, released in three four-episode volumes. The circle is now complete, with the soundtrack to the final four episodes of Star Wars: Andor available for fans to stream and enjoy.

The 56-minute-long track list can be listened to on Spotify and other digital platforms and the full track listing for Volume 3 is as follows:

1.“Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 9”0:44
3.“Ulaf Fading”0:54
4.“Never More Than Twelve”2:08
5.“Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 10”1:18
6.“Make It Look Good”1:44
7.“One Way Out – Parts 1-4”1:20
8.“One Way Out – Parts 5-7”1:51
9.“One Way Out – Part 8”2:24
10.“My Name Is Kino Loy”4:15
12.“Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 11”0:43
13.“Tell Me They’re Leaving/Bee”1:27
14.“The Daughters of Ferrix”1:43
15.“Dewi and Freedi Pamular”0:54
16.“Full Fondor”1:27
17.“Your Mother Is Dead”3:42
18.“Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 12”0:58
19.“Dedra in Ferrix”1:32
20.“Come Away From the Window”1:20
21.“Clem’s Stone”1:55
23.“Forming Up/Unto Stone We Are”4:43
26.“Cassian Will Find Us”2:32
27.“Kill Me”1:25
28.“The Rebellion Suite”4:00

The soundtracks for Star War: Andor Volume 1 and Volume 2 can also be streamed via the same digital music platforms.

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