Star Wars Rebels: "Introducing Azmorigan"


Name Azmorigan
Species Gotal
Gender Male
Homeworld Gotal homeworld
Affiliation Crime lord
Occupation Gangster, smuggler, thief
First appearance Star Wars Rebels (TV series)
Notable achievements Ran a criminal organization, owned a space station called the “Merchant One”
Physical description Gray skin, white hair, large horns on the top of his head
Famous quote “My dear boy, the planet is littered with the remains of those who have crossed me.”

Azmorigan is a male Chadra-Fan who is known for his criminal activities and his involvement in the black market.

Azmorigan was a ruthless criminal who worked as a gangster and smuggler. He was known for his violent temper and his willingness to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He was also known for his distinctive appearance, which included a large nose and a pair of long, pointed ears.

Azmorigan was involved in several criminal enterprises, including the smuggling of weapons and other illegal goods. He was also known for his involvement in gladiatorial combat, and would often pit his slaves against each other for his own entertainment.

During the early years of the Galactic Empire, Azmorigan became involved with the crime lord Jabba the Hutt. He worked as one of Jabba’s lieutenants, and was involved in several key events, including the theft of the Millennium Falcon by Han Solo.

Azmorigan’s fate after the fall of the Empire is unknown, but his legacy lived on as one of the most notorious criminals in the galaxy. He was remembered as a ruthless gangster and a dangerous adversary, and his influence could be seen in the actions of other criminals and smugglers for years to come.

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