The Tibidees are large flying creatures native to the mountains of Stygeon Prime. They have a wingspan of over 20 meters and are covered in dark, leathery skin. They have four powerful legs and sharp claws, which they use to climb the steep mountain cliffs.

Appearance of the Tibidees

Tibidees are known for their incredible speed and agility in flight. They are able to swoop down from the skies and snatch prey from the ground with ease. They also have excellent vision, which allows them to spot prey from great distances.

Despite their intimidating appearance, Tibidees are actually quite gentle creatures. They are herbivores and feed on the rich plant life that grows on the mountain slopes. They are also highly intelligent and have been known to form close bonds with other creatures, including humans.

Habitat and Behaviour

Tibidees are native to the mountains of Stygeon Prime, where they make their homes in the rocky crevices and cliffsides. They are social creatures that live in small family groups and communicate with each other using a range of high-pitched chirps and whistles.

Tibidees are primarily herbivores, feeding on a variety of plants and berries that grow in the mountains. They are also known to scavenge from the nests of other creatures in the area, and have been observed stealing eggs from bird-like creatures that make their homes in the cliffs.

Role in Star Wars

While Tibidees are not major players in the Star Wars universe, they have appeared in a number of works across various media. In the Star Wars Rebels animated series, Hera encounters a group of Tibidees while on a mission to recover a powerful weapon.

In the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire tabletop role-playing game, Tibidees are described as being useful as pack animals due to their strength and agility. They are also prized for their fur, which is used in the creation of warm clothing and blankets.

Tibidee FAQs

Q: How do Tibidee fly?

A: Tibidee have large, powerful wings that allow them to soar and glide effortlessly through the air.

Q: Are Tibidee dangerous?

A: While Tibidee are not inherently aggressive, they can become defensive if they feel threatened. They have been known to use their sharp talons and beak to defend themselves.

Q: Do Tibidee have any special abilities?

A: Tibidee are able to emit a high-pitched call that can be heard from great distances. They are also able to navigate through dense mountainous terrain with ease.

Q: Can Tibidees be tamed or domesticated?

A: It is unlikely that Tibidees can be tamed or domesticated, as they are wild creatures that live in the mountains of Stygeon Prime. There are no known instances of anyone successfully domesticating a Tibidee.

Q: Are Tibidees found in any other planets or locations in the Star Wars universe?

A: As far as we know, Tibidees are only found in the mountains of Stygeon Prime. However, there may be similar species or creatures that exist on other planets.

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