Ahch-To Jedi Temple

The Ahch-To Jedi Temple is a historic and sacred location in the Star Wars universe, located on the planet of Ahch-To. It was home to the first Jedi Temple, and was the site of significant events in the Star Wars canon.

NameAhch-To Jedi Temple
LocationPlanet Ahch-To, in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy
AffiliationJedi Order
SignificanceHome of the first Jedi Temple, spiritual center of the galaxy
FoundingFounded by the first Jedi Order after the fall of the Infinite Empire
DestructionDestroyed by the Knights of Ren, under the command of Kylo Ren
Notable ResidentsLuke Skywalker, last surviving Jedi
Notable EventsLuke’s study and training, destruction of the temple, end of the Jedi Order
FeaturesAncient Jedi artifacts, teachings, and texts

The Founding of the Ahch-To Jedi Temple

The exact origins of the Ahch-To Jedi Temple are unknown, but it is believed to have been founded by the first Jedi Order sometime after the fall of the Infinite Empire. The temple was located on Ahch-To, a remote and isolated planet in the Unknown Regions, and was considered to be a sacred location by the Jedi.

Over the centuries, the temple grew in size and complexity, and became a hub for Jedi activity and training. It was home to many of the Jedi Order’s most important artifacts and teachings, and was considered to be the spiritual center of the galaxy.

The Destruction of the Jedi Order

Following the fall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Ahch-To Jedi Temple was abandoned by the Jedi Order. The temple’s location in the remote Unknown Regions made it difficult for the Empire to find and destroy, and the temple remained largely intact for many years.

However, the temple eventually fell into disrepair and was largely forgotten by the galaxy at large. It was not until many years later that the temple would become significant once again.

The Arrival of Luke Skywalker

In the years following the defeat of the Empire, Luke Skywalker, the last surviving Jedi, discovered the Ahch-To Jedi Temple and made it his home. He spent many years studying the temple’s teachings and artifacts, and became determined to restore the Jedi Order to its former glory.

However, Luke’s efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, and the temple was destroyed by the Knights of Ren, a group of dark side users serving under the command of Kylo Ren, a former student of Luke’s. The destruction of the temple marked the end of the Jedi Order, and set the stage for the events of the sequel trilogy.

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