Ahch-To is a remote planet located in the Unknown Regions of the Star Wars galaxy. It is a rocky, oceanic planet with several islands, lush green forests, and towering mountains. Ahch-To served as the hiding place of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker for several years after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

ClimateMild oceanic climate
TerrainRocky islands, mountains, and ocean
Known speciesPorgs, Caretakers, Lanais, and other creatures
AffiliationJedi Order (formerly)
Key factsThe location of the first Jedi Temple
Luke Skywalker’s self-imposed exile
Site of Rey’s training in the Force


Ahch-To is a planet of great natural beauty, with a variety of landscapes that includes rugged cliffs, lush green forests, and towering mountains. The planet is surrounded by a vast ocean, and it is believed that the planet’s oceanic currents are responsible for the unique climate and ecosystem of Ahch-To.

The planet has several islands, with the largest being the island where Luke Skywalker made his home. The island is dominated by a towering mountain, and features lush green vegetation and ancient stone structures.


Ahch-To is inhabited by a variety of wildlife, including sea birds, fish, and the Porgs, a small bird-like creature that became popular with Star Wars fans. The planet also has an ancient order of caretakers, who are responsible for maintaining the Jedi temple on the island.


Ahch-To is an ancient planet with a rich history. The planet was once home to the Jedi Order, and the first Jedi temple was built on the island by the very first Jedi. The temple became a center of learning and training for the Jedi, and the planet became a place of great importance to the order.

In more recent history, Ahch-To became the hiding place of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, who went into exile on the planet after the fall of the Galactic Empire. Luke believed that the Jedi needed to end, and he went into hiding to avoid being found by the remnants of the Empire or by any potential apprentices seeking his guidance.

In the years that followed, Luke lived in seclusion on Ahch-To, studying the ancient texts and meditating on the Force. It was on Ahch-To that he was visited by the young scavenger Rey, who sought his guidance in the fight against the First Order.

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