Arvala-7 was a planet of extremes, with a dry and dusty desert landscape stretching for miles in every direction. The planet’s climate was hot and dry, with little precipitation or relief from the scorching sun.

Despite the harsh environment, Arvala-7 was home to a variety of unique and fascinating creatures, from the towering krayt dragon to the small and elusive blurrg. The planet’s deserts were also home to valuable resources, such as valuable metals and minerals that were mined by the indigenous Ugnaughts.

LocationOuter Rim of the galaxy
ClimateHot and dry desert environment
Key FeaturesHome to the Jawas and Ugnaughts, as well as a variety of unique and dangerous creatures
Notable InhabitantsJawas, Ugnaughts
Notable VisitorsThe Mandalorian, Kuiil
SignificanceFeatured in “The Mandalorian” television series
Notable ResourcesValuable metals and minerals
Notable LocationsJawas’ Sandcrawler, the Ugnaughts’ underground tunnels
Notable CreaturesKrayt dragon, blurrg

The Jawas

One of the most distinctive and fascinating aspects of Arvala-7 was the presence of the Jawas, a diminutive and mysterious species of scavengers who roamed the planet’s deserts in search of valuable technology and equipment.

The Jawas were known for their distinctive robes and headgear, as well as their ability to communicate in a unique and cryptic language. They were also expert mechanics, able to repair and refurbish even the most advanced and complex machinery.

Despite their small size, the Jawas were not to be underestimated, and were known to be fiercely independent and protective of their territory and possessions.

The Ugnaughts

Another unique and important species on Arvala-7 were the Ugnaughts, a short and stocky race of workers who lived in the planet’s underground tunnels and mines. They were skilled craftsmen and miners, and were known for their ability to extract valuable metals and minerals from the planet’s harsh and dangerous environment.

The Ugnaughts were also known for their expertise in engineering and machinery, and often worked closely with the Jawas to trade and repair valuable equipment.

Despite their hardy and resourceful nature, the Ugnaughts faced many challenges living on Arvala-7, including frequent sandstorms and the danger posed by the planet’s deadly creatures.

The Mandalorian

Arvala-7 gained particular significance in the Star Wars universe due to its appearance in the hit television series “The Mandalorian.” In the series, the titular character encounters the Jawas and Ugnaughts on the planet, and is tasked with recovering a valuable asset from a heavily guarded fortress.

The series brought renewed attention to Arvala-7 and its unique inhabitants, and cemented its place as an important and memorable world in the Star Wars galaxy.

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image: Star Wars