Atollon is a remote and desolate planet in the Star Wars universe, and its first appearance was in the animated series Star Wars Rebels. Located in the Outer Rim, the planet was home to the Phoenix Squadron, a group of rebel fighters who established a base on the planet to launch attacks against the Galactic Empire.

Geography and Climate

Atollon is a rocky planet with a thin atmosphere and a rugged terrain. It has a very harsh climate, with frequent sandstorms and extreme temperatures. The planet is known for its large, rocky formations and its vast deserts, which cover most of its surface.

Flora and Fauna

Atollon is largely devoid of life, with very few known species inhabiting the planet. The most notable of these are the giant spiders known as krykna, which are native to the planet and can be extremely dangerous. The krykna are known for their size and their ability to spin webs to capture prey.

History and Significance

During the events of Star Wars Rebels, the planet served as a base for the Phoenix Squadron and other rebel groups fighting against the Galactic Empire. The planet’s harsh terrain and extreme weather made it an ideal location for a hidden base, and the rebels were able to launch attacks against the Empire from this remote location.

Later in the series, Atollon became the site of a major battle between the rebel forces and the Empire. The battle ended in a stalemate, but it was a significant event in the ongoing struggle against the Empire.

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Image: Star Wars