Barton IV

Barton 4 is a planet in the Star Wars universe located in the Outer Rim. It is known for being a small and unremarkable world with very little in the way of resources or strategic value.

NameBarton 4
RegionOuter Rim
ClimateDry, rocky
Primary speciesHuman
Important eventsNone

Geography and Climate

Barton 4 is a dry and rocky planet with a rugged terrain. It has very little vegetation and no significant bodies of water. The planet is subject to frequent sandstorms and high winds, which can make travel and exploration difficult.


Barton 4 is sparsely populated, with only a few small settlements scattered across the planet. The inhabitants are primarily human, but there are also some other species that have made their homes on the planet. Due to the harsh living conditions, the population is small and has a low standard of living.


Barton 4 has never been an important world in the galactic community. It was discovered and colonized during the early days of space exploration, but its lack of resources and inhospitable environment made it unattractive to settlers. Over the years, a few small settlements have sprung up on the planet, but it has remained a backwater world on the fringes of known space.

Notable events

Barton 4 has played no significant role in galactic history, and no major events have taken place on the planet. However, it has occasionally been the site of minor conflicts between rival factions seeking to gain control of its limited resources.

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