Planet Hoth is a remote and frigid planet located in the Outer Rim of the Star Wars galaxy. It is known for its icy terrain, sub-zero temperatures, and hostile environment, making it inhospitable for most forms of life. Despite this, Hoth played a significant role in the Galactic Civil War as the site of the Rebel Alliance’s Echo Base, which was later discovered by the Empire and led to the Battle of Hoth.

TerrainIce caves, frozen tundra, mountains
AtmosphereType 1 (Breathable)
Diameter7,200 km
Length of Day23 standard hours
Length of Year549 local days
PopulationNone (uninhabited)
SpeciesTauntauns, wampas
AffiliationRebel Alliance, Galactic Empire

Geography and Climate

Hoth is a terrestrial planet covered in ice and snow, with mountain ranges, valleys, and frozen tundras making up its rugged terrain. The planet’s climate is subarctic, with average temperatures rarely rising above freezing and frequently dropping below -40°C. Blizzards and snowstorms are common, and the planet is frequently buffeted by freezing winds that make it treacherous for any life forms to survive outside of protected shelters.

Fauna and Flora

The majority of Hoth’s flora and fauna are adapted to survive in the planet’s extreme cold temperatures. The most prominent species found on Hoth is the tauntaun, a large, furry, bipedal creature used for transportation by the Rebels during their time at Echo Base. Other creatures found on Hoth include the wampa, a fierce and predatory species that hunts tauntauns, and the hardy Hothian lichen, which is the primary plant species on the planet.


Hoth’s history is not well documented, but it is believed that the planet was colonized by a group of Human settlers who established several mining colonies to extract the planet’s valuable minerals. During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance established Echo Base on Hoth to serve as a secret military outpost and a staging ground for their operations against the Empire. The discovery of Echo Base by the Empire led to the Battle of Hoth, which was a major setback for the Rebels and forced them to abandon the planet.


Due to its harsh environment, Hoth has few permanent inhabitants. The Human colonists who once lived on the planet are believed to have abandoned it long before the Galactic Civil War, leaving only a few small, isolated settlements scattered across the frozen wasteland. The Rebel Alliance was the largest group of inhabitants on Hoth during the Galactic Civil War, with several hundred soldiers and support staff stationed at Echo Base.

Significance in Star Wars

Hoth is a significant location in the Star Wars franchise, primarily due to its appearance in the film The Empire Strikes Back. The Battle of Hoth, which is one of the most iconic battles in Star Wars history, took place on the planet’s surface and was a turning point in the Galactic Civil War. The planet has also been featured in several novels, comics, and video games set in the Star Wars universe.

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