The Lasat is a sentient species known in the vast universe of Star Wars. These bipedal humanoid beings are natives to the planet Lasan in the Outer Rim Territories. The Lasat’s physical attributes, culture, and history all make them an intriguing part of the Star Wars galaxy.

Physical Characteristics

Lasats are distinguished by their muscular and tall stature, with an average adult standing well over two meters in height. Their physical strength and agility are legendary. They have a unique set of features, including purple skin, white hair, and unique, four-digit hands with two opposable thumbs. These characteristics make them easily distinguishable from other species in the Star Wars universe.

Culture and Society

Lasat society is grounded in a deep spiritual and mystical belief system. They have a profound connection to the spiritual realm, often referring to an entity known as the Ashla, which is their interpretation of the Force. This spiritual element permeates their culture, informing their decisions and shaping their society.

Their cultural practices also include a deep respect for warriors and hunters. They have a traditional weapon known as a bo-rifle, a weapon that serves as both a blaster and a melee weapon. This weapon is a symbol of their warrior heritage and is only given to those who have proven themselves in battle or through some other great deed.


The Lasat’s history is marked by tragedy. Their homeworld of Lasan was devastated during the reign of the Galactic Empire. The Imperial forces used a new weapon, known as T-7 ion disruptor rifles, which led to the near-total extermination of the Lasat species. This event, known as the Fall of Lasan, is a significant part of Lasat history and is a poignant reminder of the cruelties of the Empire.

Despite this tragedy, some Lasats managed to survive and escape. One such survivor is Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios, a key character in the Star Wars Rebels animated series. Zeb is a former Lasan Honour Guard who becomes a vital member of the Ghost crew, fighting against the Galactic Empire.

The Lasat in Star Wars Media

Lasats have been a part of Star Wars lore since their introduction in the Star Wars Rebels animated series. Their story and characters have added depth and diversity to the Star Wars universe. The character of Zeb, in particular, has been instrumental in showcasing the strength, resilience, and spiritual depth of the Lasat species. The Lasats’ story is one of survival, resilience, and the enduring power of hope in the face of great adversity.

Lasat FAQs

Q: What is the Ashla in Lasat culture?

A: In Lasat culture, the Ashla is their interpretation of the Force. It’s a spiritual entity or power that they believe guides their actions and destiny.

Q: What is a bo-rifle?

A: A bo-rifle is a traditional Lasat weapon. It functions both as a blaster and a melee weapon, and is a symbol of a warrior’s honour and skill.

Q: What happened during the Fall of Lasan?

A: The Fall of Lasan was a tragic event where the Galactic Empire used a devastating weapon to nearly exterminate the Lasat species on their home planet, Lasan.

Q: Who is Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios?

A: Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios is a Lasat character introduced in the Star Wars Rebels animated series. He is a former Lasan Honour Guard and a member of the Ghost crew.

Q: Where are the Lasat from?

A: The Lasat are native to the planet Lasan, located in the Outer Rim Territories.

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