One of the intriguing species in the expansive universe of Star Wars is the Noghri. Originating from the planet Honoghr, the Noghri are a warrior race known for their exceptional combat skills and ruthless efficiency on the battlefield. First introduced in the Star Wars Expanded Universe by Timothy Zahn’s novel, ‘Heir to the Empire’, the Noghri have come to be remembered as a species that embodies the warrior ethos in the Star Wars universe.

Physical Attributes

Noghri are a humanoid species, averaging about 1.4 metres in height. Their appearance is striking and memorable, with grey or blue skin, a bald head, a toothy snout, and large black eyes. Despite their small stature, Noghri are extremely physically fit and agile. The muscular build and sharp claws of the Noghri contribute to their reputation as formidable warriors.

Homeworld: Honoghr

The homeworld of the Noghri, Honoghr, was once a lush and vibrant planet. However, during the Clone Wars, it was severely damaged by a toxic chemical spill from a crashed trade federation ship. The subsequent environmental devastation transformed the once-fertile world into a barren wasteland, forcing the Noghri to fight for their survival.

Social Structure and Culture

The Noghri society is structured around clans, with each clan being led by a dynast. The Noghri are known for their martial prowess and their culture heavily reflects this. Combat skills are highly valued and the practice of these skills plays a central role in Noghri culture. Their culture places a great emphasis on honour, and Noghri warriors are often employed as bodyguards or assassins by those who can gain their loyalty.

The Noghri in Galactic Politics

The Noghri’s unwavering loyalty to those they serve, coupled with their formidable combat skills, attracted the attention of Darth Vader during the era of the Galactic Empire. He assisted the Noghri in their struggle for survival in the wake of Honoghr’s devastation and, in return, the Noghri served the Empire as Vader’s personal assassins.

However, the Noghri eventually learned that the Empire had been prolonging the environmental devastation of Honoghr in order to maintain control over the Noghri people. This knowledge led them to turn against the Empire and to offer their loyalty to Leia Organa Solo, who helped them to break free from the Empire’s control.

Noghri in Star Wars Media

The Noghri are a compelling addition to the Star Wars universe, contributing to some of its most exciting stories. While they are most commonly associated with the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, they have also made appearances in the role-playing games. Their story serves as a stark reminder of the Galactic Empire’s manipulative practices and the strength of those who resist it.

Noghri FAQs

Q: Who is the most famous Noghri character in Star Wars media?

A: The most famous Noghri character is Rukh, who is prominently featured in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Rukh served as the bodyguard and assassin for Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Q: How did the Noghri come to serve the Empire?

A: After their homeworld was devastated by a chemical spill, Darth Vader offered to help the Noghri, positioning the Empire as their saviours. In gratitude, the Noghri served the Empire loyally, until they discovered the Empire’s deception.

Q: Have the Noghri appeared in any Star Wars films or TV series?

A: While the Noghri have not appeared in any of the Star Wars films, the character of Rukh has appeared in the Star Wars Rebels animated series.

Q: What happened to the Noghri after they turned against the Empire?

A: After turning against the Empire, the Noghri pledged their loyalty to Leia Organa Solo, who assisted them in their efforts to restore their homeworld and to free themselves from the Empire’s control.

Q: Are the Noghri force-sensitive?

A: While the Noghri are not typically portrayed as being force-sensitive, their skills and agility often match those of Jedi and Sith, making them formidable opponents.

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