Known for their unique squid-like appearance, the Quarren, also referred to as the “Squid Heads” or “Qarren,” are a species native to the oceanic planet of Mon Cala. They are predominantly seen in the Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars and Rebels, and make appearances in Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens among others.

Physical Characteristics

The Quarren are aquatic humanoids with pronounced squid-like features, including tentacle-like appendages on their faces. Their skin varies in color from brown to orange, and they have large, bulbous eyes that come in different shades of yellow and green. Able to breathe underwater due to their gill structures, Quarren are excellent swimmers, a trait necessary for life on their oceanic homeworld.

Homeworld and Society

Mon Cala, the homeworld of the Quarren, is a planet completely covered in water. This world is shared with another aquatic species, the Mon Calamari. Despite living on the same planet, the two species have a complex and often strained relationship, as shown in The Clone Wars where civil war erupts between the two. However, they also have a history of cooperation and have jointly ruled Mon Cala at times.

Quarren society is organized in a tribal structure, with each tribe led by chieftains. Their communities are mostly based on the ocean floor, in contrast to the Mon Calamari who build floating cities on the surface.

Role in the Star Wars Universe

Throughout the Star Wars franchise, the Quarren have been seen involved in a range of occupations. Some work as industrious laborers and engineers on their home planet, while others are seen off-world involved in less reputable professions, like bounty hunting and piracy.

Notably, during the Clone Wars, Quarren isolationists, with the support of the Separatists, instigated a civil war on Mon Cala against the ruling Mon Calamari. This conflict was eventually resolved with the help of the Jedi and the Republic, leading to a tentative peace between the two species.

Quarren FAQs

Q: What do Quarren look like?

A: Quarren are aquatic humanoids with a squid-like appearance. They have tentacle-like appendages on their faces and large, bulbous eyes. Their skin color varies from brown to orange.

Q: Where are the Quarren from?

A: Quarren originate from Mon Cala, an oceanic planet that they share with the Mon Calamari.

Q: How is Quarren society structured?

A: Quarren society is organized in tribes, each led by a chieftain. Their communities are based on the ocean floor of Mon Cala.

Q: What is the relationship between the Quarren and Mon Calamari?

A: The Quarren and Mon Calamari have a complex relationship. They have a history of both conflict and cooperation, having jointly ruled Mon Cala at times.

Q: What roles do Quarren play in the Star Wars universe?

A: Quarren have been seen in various roles, from industrious labourers and engineers on their home planet to bounty hunters and pirates off-world. They were notably involved in a civil war on Mon Cala during the Clone Wars.

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