In the vast Star Wars universe, the Ugnaught species is one that has captured audiences’ attention, especially in recent times due to their prominent role in the hit series, “The Mandalorian”. Short in stature but high in industriousness, the Ugnaughts have left a lasting impact on the Star Wars universe.

Homeworld: Gentes

Ugnaughts originate from the planet Gentes, located in the Anoat sector of the Outer Rim Territories. The planet’s environment is harsh and frigid, a condition that has influenced the evolution and resilience of the Ugnaught species.

Distinctive Physical Traits

Ugnaughts are diminutive humanoids, typically standing less than one meter tall. They possess a distinctive appearance with porcine features, such as a snout-like nose and upturned tusks. Despite their size, Ugnaughts are incredibly hardy and adapted to working in challenging environments.

Society and Culture of Ugnaughts

Ugnaught communities are structured around hard work and cooperation. This industrious nature is a central aspect of their culture, with individuals taking great pride in their craftsmanship and technical skills.

Historically, Ugnaughts were exploited for their expertise in machinery and technical work, often being sold as indentured servants. Over time, however, many have won their freedom and established their own communities on various planets throughout the galaxy.

Ugnaughts in the Star Wars Universe

Ugnaughts have featured in various Star Wars films and series, often depicted as mechanics, engineers, and labourers. They made their first appearance in “The Empire Strikes Back” as workers in the Cloud City of Bespin.

In the series “The Mandalorian”, an Ugnaught named Kuiil played a pivotal role in aiding the titular character and protecting the child, affectionately known as “Baby Yoda”, showcasing the species’ loyalty and technical ingenuity.

Force Sensitivity

While there have been no prominent examples of Force-sensitive Ugnaughts in the Star Wars canon, it’s important to note that, like with any species in the Star Wars universe, Force sensitivity can potentially emerge.


Q: What are the notable characteristics of Ugnaughts?

A: Ugnaughts are known for their short stature, porcine features, and incredible hardiness. They have an affinity for technical work and are highly industrious.

Q: Where are Ugnaughts most commonly found?

A: Originally from the planet Gentes, Ugnaughts have migrated across the galaxy, often working in technical and labour-intensive roles. They have been particularly noted for their presence on Cloud City in Bespin.

Q: Are there any notable Ugnaught characters in Star Wars?

A: Yes, the most notable Ugnaught in Star Wars is Kuiil, a character from “The Mandalorian” who played a crucial role in the series.

Q: Are Ugnaughts Force-sensitive?

A: While there have been no known Force-sensitive Ugnaughts in the Star Wars canon so far, the potential for Force sensitivity theoretically exists within any species.

Q: What is the lifespan of an Ugnaught?

A: An average Ugnaught has a lifespan similar to humans in the Star Wars universe, with many living into their eighth or ninth decade

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