The Star Wars galaxy hosts a variety of fascinating and unique species, one of which is the Umbaran race. Hailing from the shadowy world of Umbara, also known as the “Shadow World”, the Umbarans are an intriguing species with distinct cultural practices and technological advancements.

Homeworld: Umbara

The Umbarans come from the planet Umbara, situated within the Ghost Nebula in the Expansion Region of the galaxy. It’s a world shrouded in perpetual darkness due to its sun’s faint light, resulting in a mysterious landscape full of unusual, bioluminescent flora and fauna. This unique environment has shaped the Umbarans’ evolution and cultural practices.

Physical Characteristics

Umbarans are humanoid in appearance, distinguishable by their pale, almost translucent skin and sensitive, luminescent blue eyes adapted to their homeworld’s low-light conditions. Their features are sharp and somewhat gaunt, further setting them apart from many other humanoid species in the Star Wars universe.

Society and Culture

Umbaran society is noted for its complexity and often Machiavellian social practices. It is a culture where deception and manipulation are the norm, and political power games are a central part of their societal structure. This has made them infamous throughout the galaxy, often leading others to view them with suspicion or outright mistrust.

Umbarans are also known for their advanced technology, with their military equipment being particularly noteworthy. Their weapons and vehicles, such as the Umbaran starfighters and mobile heavy cannons, utilise unique energy sources and designs, making them highly sought after.

Umbarans in the Star Wars Universe

The Umbarans have featured in various Star Wars media, most notably in the animated series “The Clone Wars”. Here, they are depicted as being part of the Republic until the Umbaran senator, Mee Deechi, is assassinated. Following this event, they secede from the Republic and align themselves with the Separatists, leading to a notable arc in the series, the Battle of Umbara.

Force Sensitivity

In terms of Force sensitivity, no known Umbaran characters have exhibited such traits. However, the potential for Force sensitivity theoretically exists within any species in the Star Wars universe.

Umbaran FAQs

Q: What are the main traits of the Umbarans?

A: Umbarans are known for their pale, almost translucent skin, luminescent blue eyes, and sharp, gaunt features. They have a reputation for deception and manipulation within their societal practices.

Q: Where are Umbarans usually found?

A: The Umbarans originate from the planet Umbara, also known as the “Shadow World”. However, they have spread across the galaxy, often serving in various capacities within different organisations and governments.

Q: Who are some notable Umbaran characters in Star Wars?

A: The most notable Umbaran character in Star Wars is the Umbaran senator Mee Deechi, who appeared in “The Clone Wars” animated series.

Q: Are there any Force-sensitive Umbarans?

A: To date, there have been no known Force-sensitive Umbarans in the Star Wars canon.

Q: What is the Umbarans’ level of technology?

A: Umbarans are renowned for their advanced technology, particularly their military equipment. Their starfighters and mobile heavy cannons, among other devices, utilise unique designs and energy sources, distinguishing them from other species’ technology.

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