Cast of Star Wars: Who’s in the cast of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back?

The Empire Strikes Back

Following the critical and commercial success of the 1977 original Star Wars film, A New Hope, George Lucas introduced a wealth of new characters in the sequel, The Empire Strikes Back. While we see the return of familiar faces, the story becomes more nuanced and introduces complex new relationships.

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Continuing in his role as Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill takes centre stage in The Empire Strikes Back. His character is at the forefront of the story, undergoing a journey of self-discovery and growth under the tutelage of Jedi Master Yoda. As Luke’s understanding of the Force deepens, Hamill skillfully portrays his character’s emotional conflicts and moral dilemmas.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Harrison Ford reprises his role as Han Solo, the charismatic and quick-witted smuggler. In The Empire Strikes Back, Han’s character arc expands as his relationship with Princess Leia deepens, creating a captivating dynamic that adds depth to his roguish charm.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher returns as Princess Leia, the spirited and resourceful leader of the Rebel Alliance. In The Empire Strikes Back, her character becomes more multi-dimensional as we see her confront her growing feelings for Han Solo, navigate leadership challenges, and grapple with the looming threat of the Empire.

Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian

Introduced in The Empire Strikes Back is Lando Calrissian, played by Billy Dee Williams. Lando is a smuggler-turned-administrator of Cloud City, and an old friend of Han Solo. He initially betrays the heroes to Darth Vader, but redeems himself by helping in their escape. Williams’ portrayal of Lando adds a layer of ambiguity and complexity to the story.

Frank Oz as Yoda

Frank Oz gives life to Yoda, the wise and ancient Jedi Master who guides Luke Skywalker in his Jedi training on the swampy planet Dagobah. Oz’s puppetry, coupled with the character’s distinct speech pattern and sage wisdom, makes Yoda one of the most memorable and beloved characters in the Star Wars universe.

David Prowse and James Earl Jones as Darth Vader

David Prowse and James Earl Jones return as the formidable Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Prowse’s imposing physical presence combined with Jones’ menacing voice continues to bring a sense of dread and danger to the character. Darth Vader’s relentless pursuit of Luke Skywalker and the revelation of his true identity form some of the most iconic moments in film history.

Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca

Peter Mayhew returns to play Chewbacca, Han Solo’s loyal Wookiee co-pilot. Mayhew’s expressive portrayal of Chewbacca – limited to roars and physical gestures – successfully communicates the character’s loyalty, bravery, and gentle heart, making him a fan favourite.

Anthony Daniels as C-3PO and Kenny Baker as R2-D2

Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker reprise their roles as the droids C-3PO and R2-D2, respectively. As the saga’s constant companions, these droids provide not just comic relief but also play key roles in aiding the Rebel Alliance and advancing the plot in unexpected ways.

Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine, portrayed by Ian McDiarmid, makes his first appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. The character’s brief holographic communication with Darth Vader establishes him as the ultimate villain in the Star Wars universe. The Emperor’s influence is pervasive and unseen, creating a sense of impending doom throughout the film.

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