How Did Gregor Get Off Abafar?


Previously a Clone Captain known as CC-5576-39, or simply CC-5576, Gregor dedicated his service to the Grand Army of the Republic’s Special Operations Brigade. He and his squad, Foxtrot Group – an esteemed unit of clone commandos – were dispatched to the Battle of Sarrish, which turned out to be a catastrophic loss for the Republic. In the heat of retreat, Gregor’s transport crash-landed on the desolate world of Abafar, where he sustained severe amnesia from the accident.

Stranded on Abafar

His rescuer, a Sullustan named Borkus, exploited Gregor’s condition, assigning him dishwashing duties in his establishment. It was only when Colonel Meebur Gascon and his team happened upon Pons Ora that Gregor’s identity was revealed, leading to the restoration of his lost memories. In an unfortunate firefight with Separatist droids, Gregor was believed to have perished in an explosion, protecting Gascon and his team. However, he survived, although not without enduring a traumatic brain injury.

Encountering Republic Forces

With the Clone Wars’ culmination, the Galactic Empire redirected Gregor to a clandestine facility on Daro. Here, alongside fellow clone commandos, he was tasked with training “TK troopers,” the proposed successors to the clone soldiers. Yet, Gregor yearned for freedom and managed to relay a distress signal to his fellow clone deserter, Rex. While Rex was unable to attend in person, he sent the Bad Batch, a group of like-minded deserters, to liberate Gregor.


Gregor’s Fate

A decade and a half post the Clone Wars, Gregor continued to live, inhabiting a refurbished AT-TE on Seelos along with Captain Rex and Commander Wolffe. As 0 BBY rolled around, he played a crucial role in the Liberation of Lothal, a significant rebellion against the Galactic Empire, which resulted in the liberation of Lothal. Tragically, Gregor succumbed to his wounds during the conflict, and with his final words, expressed to Rex the honour he felt serving alongside him and standing for a cause the clones had chosen to believe in.

Image: Star Wars


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