How Did Jakku Become the Home of the Niima Outpost?

Unkar Plutt

Jakku, a desert planet located in the Western Reaches of the Star Wars galaxy, is known for its harsh conditions and desolate landscape. Despite this, it was once a bustling hub of activity during the final days of the Galactic Civil War.

The Niima Outpost, located in the western region of Jakku, played a significant role in the events of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. But how did this outpost come to be on such a barren planet?

Origins of the Niima Outpost

The Niima Outpost was originally established as a trading post by a group of settlers who arrived on Jakku seeking a new home. These settlers established a thriving community, centered around the trading post, that was able to sustain itself despite the harsh conditions of the planet.

Over time, the outpost became an important stop for travellers and traders passing through the area, as well as a popular destination for scavengers looking for valuable resources in the planet’s wreckage fields.

However, the outpost’s fortunes began to decline after the Battle of Jakku, a decisive battle that ended the Galactic Civil War. The battle left the planet devastated and uninhabitable in many areas, making it difficult for the outpost to continue operating.

New Management

Following the Battle of Jakku, the Niima Outpost was taken over by Unkar Plutt, a Crolute scavenger who was able to take advantage of the post-battle chaos to gain control of the outpost.

Under Plutt’s leadership, the Niima Outpost became a hub for criminal activity, attracting a variety of unsavoury characters to the planet. Plutt himself became known for his ruthless tactics and willingness to do whatever it took to maintain control of the outpost.

Despite Plutt’s iron-fisted rule, the Niima Outpost remained an important centre of activity on Jakku, serving as a key location in the events of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

From its origins as a trading post to its transformation into a hub of criminal activity under the leadership of Unkar Plutt, the Niima Outpost played an important role in the events of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

While the outpost’s fortunes may have declined after the Battle of Jakku, it remained a key location on Jakku and a vital part of the planet’s history.

Image: Star Wars


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