How Do You Complete Chapter 1: Bracca in Jedi Fallen Order?

Bracca in Jedi Fallen Order

Chapter 1 of Jedi Fallen Order takes place on the planet Bracca. The main objective of this chapter is to escape from the planet and reach the Zeffo homeworld. Here are the steps to complete Chapter 1.

Step 1: Explore the Environment

When the chapter begins, you will find yourself on Bracca. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the controls, and explore the area around you. You will find that there are various paths to take, but you should follow the objective marker to reach your first destination.

Step 2: Locate BD-1

When you reach your first objective marker, you will discover that your companion droid, BD-1, is missing. You will need to search the area to find him. Follow the objective marker and use your senses to locate BD-1.

Step 3: Get the Scomp Link Upgrade

Once you find BD-1, he will lead you to an area where you can acquire the Scomp Link upgrade. This upgrade will allow BD-1 to interact with certain objects and unlock doors, which is essential to progress through the game. To obtain the Scomp Link upgrade, you will need to defeat a group of enemies guarding it. Once you have the upgrade, you can use it to interact with certain doors and terminals.

Step 4: Find the Wreckage

With the Scomp Link upgrade in hand, you will need to make your way to the wreckage of an Imperial Walker. Follow the objective marker to reach the area, and use your Jedi abilities to navigate through the environment. Once you reach the wreckage, use BD-1’s Scomp Link to access the walker and retrieve a key.

Step 5: Escape the Planet

With the key in hand, make your way to the objective marker to find a door that can be unlocked with the key. Beyond the door, you will find a hangar with Imperial enemies. Defeat them, and then use the control panel to call an elevator. Take the elevator up to the top, where you will find a ship waiting for you. Board the ship to escape the planet and complete Chapter 1.

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