How Do You Complete Chapter 3: Zeffo and the Tomb of Miktrull in Jedi Fallen Order?


Chapter 3 of Jedi Fallen Order takes place on the planet Zeffo and requires you to explore the Tomb of Miktrull. Here’s a detailed guide on how to complete Chapter 3 on Zeffo:

Step 1: Reach the Tomb of Miktrull

After arriving on Zeffo, follow the objective marker to reach the Tomb of Miktrull. Here, you’ll need to fight off enemies and use your Jedi abilities to navigate the environment.

Step 2: Explore the Tomb of Miktrull

Once you reach the Tomb of Miktrull, use your Jedi abilities to navigate through the environment and solve puzzles. Make sure to explore the environment thoroughly to find hidden areas and items.

Step 3: Defeat the Tomb Guardian

After exploring the Tomb of Miktrull, you’ll need to fight the Tomb Guardian to progress further. Use your Jedi abilities and combat skills to defeat the Tomb Guardian and move on to the next objective.

Step 4: Find the Second Wookiee Prisoner

After defeating the Tomb Guardian, follow the objective marker to find the second Wookiee prisoner. Along the way, you’ll encounter more enemies and obstacles that require you to use your Jedi abilities.

Step 5: Return to the Mantis

Once you’ve rescued the second Wookiee prisoner, follow the objective marker to return to the Mantis. You’ll need to fight off more enemies and use your Jedi abilities to get past obstacles. Once you reach the Mantis, the chapter will be complete.

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