How Do You Complete Chapter 6: Fortress Inquisitorius in Jedi Fallen Order?

Fortress Inquisitorius

Chapter 6 of Jedi Fallen Order takes place in the Fortress Inquisitorius and requires you to infiltrate the facility to confront the Inquisitorius. Here’s a detailed guide on how to complete Chapter 6:

Step 1: Arrive at Nur

To reach Nur, you need to leave the Inquisitorius headquarters on the planet Ilum and set a course on the Stinger Mantis.

Step 2: Navigate the Trenches

Upon landing on Nur, you’ll find yourself at the Inquisitorius Water Trenches. Follow the path, slide down the muddy slopes, and avoid any obstacles along the way. Make sure to jump over gaps and avoid stormtrooper fire.

Step 3: Stormtrooper Encounters

You’ll encounter a large group of stormtroopers at the end of the trenches. Use your Force powers and lightsaber skills to defeat them. Make good use of the environment to gain the upper hand, such as exploding barrels.

Step 4: Enter the Fortress

After dealing with the stormtroopers, use the Force to pull down a bridge and head across it to enter the Fortress Inquisitorius.

Step 5: Traverse the Fortress

Inside the fortress, you’ll need to swim through flooded passageways and solve puzzles involving water levels and rotating platforms. Remember to utilise your Force powers, like Slow and Push, to help you navigate through the fortress.

Step 6: Encounter with the Second Sister

Upon reaching the interrogation chamber, you’ll face off with the Second Sister, Trilla Suduri. This is a challenging boss fight where you’ll need to carefully manage your defences, look for openings, and dodge her unblockable attacks. Parrying her attacks when she’s not glowing red is key to winning this fight.

Step 7: Final Boss Fight

After defeating Trilla, a cutscene will trigger and the final boss, Darth Vader, will appear. You cannot defeat Vader; your goal is to escape. Use your Force powers to survive his onslaught and escape from the Fortress.

Remember, “Jedi: Fallen Order” is a game that rewards careful, strategic combat and exploration. Take your time to observe and understand your enemies’ patterns and make full use of Cal’s Force powers and lightsaber skills to make it through the challenges that lie ahead.

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