How Do You Find Rakghoul Serum in Knights of the Old Republic?

Rakghoul Serum in KOTOR

In the iconic role-playing video game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), players find themselves embroiled in a plethora of engaging quests, one of which involves the mysterious and deadly Rakghoul disease. This article delves into the Rakghoul Serum, its significance, and how players can navigate this particular questline.

What is the Rakghoul Serum?

The Rakghoul Serum is a crucial item within KOTOR, designed to cure the dreaded Rakghoul disease, a devastating affliction that turns victims into monstrous Rakghouls. It’s first introduced during the player’s explorations on Taris, a planet beleaguered by the Rakghoul epidemic in its Undercity.

Importance of the Rakghoul Serum in KOTOR

The Rakghoul Serum isn’t just a random item; it’s a pivot around which a major quest revolves on Taris. The search for the serum is vital due to the potential humanitarian crisis the Rakghoul disease presents.

The player is tasked with locating this rare serum, presenting them with moral choices that impact their alignment towards the light or dark side of the Force. You may choose to give the serum to the local doctor, Zelka Forn, who plans to replicate it and provide it freely to the infected. Alternatively, you can sell it to Davik Kang, a local crime lord, who intends to profit from the serum’s scarcity.

Finding the Rakghoul Serum

The Rakghoul Serum can be found while exploring the Undercity of Taris. More specifically, it’s found on the body of a Sith soldier in the Undercity sewers during the quest to rescue Zaalbar, a Wookiee companion.

Keep in mind that the serum doesn’t automatically cure you or your companions if infected. You need to bring it to Zelka Forn, who can then convert it into a usable antidote.

The Aftermath: Decisions and Consequences

After securing the serum, the choices you make significantly impact your character’s alignment. Handing it over to Zelka Forn pushes you towards the light side, while selling it to Davik Kang sways your alignment to the dark side. Your decision also affects the game’s narrative, particularly regarding the fate of the infected citizens of Taris.

In conclusion, the Rakghoul Serum is more than just an item in KOTOR; it’s a moral quandary that tests your character’s convictions and significantly shapes your journey in this rich Star Wars narrative.

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