KOTOR: What’s the Significance of Yavin in Knights of the Old Republic?

Yavin on Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is a celebrated role-playing game that offers players an immersive experience within the expansive Star Wars universe. In this article, we’ll discuss how to locate the remote moon Yavin within the game, and delve into its limited yet intriguing significance within KOTOR’s narrative.

How to Find Yavin in Knights of the Old Republic

Unlike other prominent locations in KOTOR, such as Tatooine or Manaan, Yavin is not a main hub but rather an additional location that the player can choose to explore. The option to visit Yavin becomes available once you have access to your ship, the Ebon Hawk.

To find Yavin, head to the Galaxy Map on your ship. The Galaxy Map is your primary tool for navigating the different planets within the Star Wars universe. Scan the map until you see a system named “Yavin.” Select it, and your ship will automatically set its course to this location.

The Limited Significance of Yavin in KOTOR

Upon arriving on Yavin, you might find that the moon offers less content compared to other, more integral locations in the game. You’ll encounter no quests or complex storylines that add depth to the main narrative.

However, the importance of Yavin lies in the rare and powerful items available for purchase from Suvam Tan, the Rodian trader who is the only character you can interact with on Yavin. Tan runs a shop, out of his space station, that becomes increasingly stocked with unique and powerful items as the player progresses through the game. Some of these items are among the best in the game and can give your characters a significant boost in combat capabilities.

Moreover, Yavin is one of the few places in KOTOR where the player can engage in Pazaak, the card game popular in the Star Wars universe, with Suvam Tan being a notably challenging opponent.

While Yavin does not directly contribute to the overarching storyline of KOTOR, it serves as a treasure trove for dedicated players seeking powerful gear and additional content. The moon’s reclusiveness and the limited interaction it offers can indeed be an allure, offering a break from the dense plot progression and complex character interactions of the main narrative. Despite its limited role, Yavin provides a distinct flavor to the explorative experience in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Image: BioWare


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