What Are Combat Challenge Rewards on Jedi Fallen Order?

Jedi Fallen Order

Combat challenges in Jedi Fallen Order are optional battles that offer rewards for completing them. These challenges are designed to test your combat skills and mastery of your character’s abilities, and they become available once you reach a certain point in the story. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of rewards you can earn from combat challenges.

Experience Points

The most basic reward you can earn from combat challenges is experience points. Completing these challenges earns you experience points that you can use to level up your character’s abilities and unlock new skills. This can help you become more powerful and effective in combat, making it easier to progress through the game.

Cosmetic Rewards

Some combat challenges offer cosmetic rewards, such as new lightsaber colors, outfits, and ship skins. These rewards don’t have any impact on gameplay, but they allow you to customize your character and ship. This can add a fun and personal touch to your gameplay experience, allowing you to express yourself in unique ways.

Lightsaber Parts

Completing certain combat challenges can earn you lightsaber parts, which can be used to customize the appearance of your lightsaber. These parts include new hilts, emitters, and sleeves. By earning these parts, you can create a lightsaber that is unique and personalized to your character, making you stand out from other players.

Force Essence

Force Essence is a rare resource that can be used to upgrade your Force powers. You can find Force Essence hidden throughout the game, but some combat challenges also reward you with this valuable resource. By earning Force Essence through combat challenges, you can upgrade your Force powers more quickly and become a more powerful Jedi.


Completing certain combat challenges can earn you achievements/trophies on your platform of choice. These achievements/trophies are a fun way to show off your accomplishments to your friends, and they can provide an added sense of satisfaction and pride in your gaming achievements.

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