What Happened to Dogma on Umbara?


In the vast, interconnected universe of Star Wars, many fascinating characters come and go. Some achieve grand destinies, while others play pivotal roles in the background. Clone Trooper CT-6116, known as “Dogma,” falls into the latter category. Dogma played a significant role in one of the most intense story arcs of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” television series: the Umbara arc. However, what became of him following these events remains largely unexplored.

NameCT-5385 “Dogma”
AffiliationGrand Army of the Republic
RankClone Trooper
Height1.83 meters
WeaponDC-15A Blaster Rifle
FateCourt-martialed and sentenced to death for betraying his fellow clones, later fate unknown after Order 66.

Dogma’s Role in the 501st Legion

Dogma was a clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett and was part of the 501st Legion. He was a fiercely loyal soldier, trained to follow orders without question. This blind obedience made him a controversial figure within the legion, often causing friction with his fellow clone troopers.

The Battle of Umbara

Dogma’s character comes to the fore during the Battle of Umbara. The 501st Legion, led by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, is tasked with capturing the capital city of Umbara. However, Skywalker is soon called away, and Jedi General Pong Krell takes command. Krell’s harsh leadership style and reckless strategies are met with resistance from the clones, but Dogma stays loyal to Krell, viewing his orders as absolute.


Betrayal and Consequences

As the battle progresses, it becomes evident that Krell’s actions are not mere strategic miscalculations. He actively sabotages the Republic’s war effort, causing needless clone casualties and eventually ordering a clone-on-clone attack, claiming it to be a confrontation with disguised enemy forces.

Dogma’s blind loyalty starts to crack when Fives, a fellow clone trooper, and ARC trooper, accuses Krell of treason. When it’s revealed that Krell had switched sides, intending to join Count Dooku and the Separatists, Dogma is confronted with the reality of his mistaken loyalty.

In a poignant twist, it is Dogma who ends Krell’s life, shooting him in a prison cell on Umbara. He takes this action to prevent Krell from causing further harm to the clones and the Republic. Dogma is then arrested by his fellow clones, with the charge of killing a Jedi officer, despite the circumstances.

The Fate of Dogma

The last we see of Dogma in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is his arrest following Krell’s death. The show does not elaborate on his fate, leaving it open to interpretation. Considering the clone trooper’s military law, Dogma likely faced severe repercussions for his actions, despite the unique circumstances. The fate of Dogma is one of the many unresolved threads within the Star Wars universe.

Dogma’s story highlights the loyalty and the individuality of the clone troopers, a recurring theme in The Clone Wars. It reflects the tension between the clones’ programmed obedience and their emerging personal identities. While Dogma’s fate remains uncertain, his role in the Battle of Umbara provides a fascinating insight into the dilemmas faced by the clone troopers during the Clone Wars.

Image: Star Wars


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