What Happens to Qi Ra After Solo?


Qi’ra, played by Emilia Clarke, is one of the intriguing characters introduced in Solo: A Star Wars Story. A character shrouded in mystery, Qi’ra’s journey does not conclude with the end of the film, leaving many questions about her fate unanswered. This article delves into her character and speculates on what might have occurred to Qi’ra after the events depicted in Solo.

Portrayed ByEmilia Clarke
First AppearanceSolo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
FateLeaves Han Solo and makes a deal with the Crimson Dawn
Potential Future AppearancesRumoured Solo sequel or series
Other Appearances“Most Wanted” tie-in novel


Qi’ra is a compelling character whose complexities are revealed bit by bit as “Solo: A Star Wars Story” unfolds. She begins her journey on Corellia, the same harsh, ship-building planet as Han Solo. From her early days as a scrumrat along with Han, Qi’ra’s path dramatically diverges from his. While Han joins the Imperial Navy and eventually becomes a rogue smuggler, Qi’ra is forced into a life of servitude under the sinister crime syndicate known as Crimson Dawn.

A Force in Crimson Dawn

Over the course of the film, Qi’ra rises through the ranks of Crimson Dawn, ultimately becoming the top lieutenant to the syndicate’s leader, Dryden Vos. She shows herself to be highly capable and resourceful, traits which, combined with her ability to remain unreadable, keep her alive in the dangerous underworld.

Betrayal and Ascension

By the climax of Solo, Qi’ra finds herself in a complicated position. Han, with whom she once shared a close bond, returns to her life, pulling her between her past and her commitments to Crimson Dawn. The tension comes to a head in a confrontation with Dryden Vos, where she chooses her survival, killing Vos and essentially betraying Han.

With Vos dead, Qi’ra seizes control of Crimson Dawn, setting herself up as a significant player in the galaxy’s criminal underworld. She communicates with a hologram of Maul, the true mastermind behind Crimson Dawn, informing him of Vos’s demise and promising to join him.

Qi’ra’s Path After Solo

Solo: A Star Wars Story concludes with Qi’ra’s new status in the criminal underworld, leaving the details of her future unexplored. The film teases a potential reunion with Maul, leaving her poised for further involvement in the shadowy underworld of the Star Wars universe.

Unfortunately, due to the mixed reception of Solo, no direct sequels have been announced as of yet to continue Qi’ra’s story. Despite this, the expansive nature of the Star Wars universe, especially with the proliferation of new stories through series on Disney+, leaves the door open for Qi’ra’s return.

In interviews, Emilia Clarke has expressed interest in reprising her role as Qi’ra in future Star Wars projects. Additionally, there have been rumours and reports of a potential Solo sequel or series, which could feature Qi’ra in a more prominent role.

It is also worth noting that Qi’ra’s story is further explored in the tie-in novel Most Wanted, which takes place prior to the events of Solo and details her time as a member of the White Worm gang on Corellia.

Image: Star Wars


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