What Is Lux Bonteri’s Role in the Onderon Rebellion Arc in Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

Lux Bonteri

Lux Bonteri is a character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, who played a significant role in the Onderon Rebellion arc. In this story arc, Lux joins forces with a group of rebels to fight against the Separatist occupation of the planet Onderon.

The Onderon Rebellion arc takes place during the fifth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The arc revolves around the planet of Onderon, which has been occupied by the Separatists. The Onderon rebels, led by Steela Gerrera, seek to overthrow the Separatist occupation and restore freedom to their planet.

Here is a breakdown of Lux Bonteri’s role in the Onderon Rebellion arc.

Lux Bonteri’s Role in the Rebellion

Lux Bonteri is introduced in the second episode of the Onderon Rebellion arc, “A War on Two Fronts.” He joins the rebels after seeking them out for assistance in overthrowing the Separatists. Lux is shown to be a skilled fighter and strategist, and quickly becomes an integral part of the rebel group.

Lux’s involvement in the rebellion is complicated by his past affiliation with the Separatists. Lux’s mother, Mina Bonteri, was a Separatist senator who was killed by the Confederacy’s leader, Count Dooku. Lux initially sought revenge against Dooku, but later became disillusioned with the Separatist cause and joined the rebellion.

Lux’s Relationship with Ahsoka Tano

Lux Bonteri’s relationship with Ahsoka Tano is a significant subplot of the Onderon Rebellion arc. The two characters are initially wary of each other, due to their opposing loyalties. Ahsoka is a member of the Jedi Order, which is allied with the Republic, while Lux is a former Separatist.

Despite their initial mistrust, Lux and Ahsoka begin to develop a relationship over the course of the arc. They work together to train the Onderon rebels, and develop a mutual respect for each other. By the end of the arc, Lux and Ahsoka have developed a close bond, with Lux even risking his life to save Ahsoka from the Separatists.

Lux’s Importance to the Rebellion

Lux Bonteri’s involvement in the Onderon Rebellion arc is significant for a few reasons. First, his knowledge of Separatist tactics and strategies proves invaluable to the rebels. He is able to provide them with insider information that helps them plan their attacks and outmanoeuvre the Separatists.

Second, Lux’s presence in the rebellion adds a layer of complexity to the conflict. His past affiliation with the Separatists and his relationship with Ahsoka Tano highlight the fact that the war is not simply a battle between good and evil. Rather, it is a complex conflict with many different factions and motives.

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