What Is the Relationship Between Rey and Kylo Ren in Star Wars?

Kylo Ren & Rey

Rey and Kylo Ren’s relationship in the Star Wars sequel trilogy is complex and multifaceted, evolving over the course of three films. Here is a breakdown of the various stages of their relationship.

Kylo RenRey
Real Name: Ben SoloReal Name: Rey
Parents: Han Solo and Leia OrganaParents: Unknown
Allegiance: First Order, Knights of RenAllegiance: Resistance, Jedi Order (formerly)
Lightsaber Color: RedLightsaber Color: Blue
Strong with the ForceStrong with the Force
Former Jedi TraineeFormer scavenger on Jakku
Betrayed Luke SkywalkerTrained by Luke Skywalker (briefly)
Attempted to turn Rey to the Dark SideResisted Kylo Ren’s attempts to turn her
Killed Han SoloBecame close friends with Finn
Killed Snoke, the Supreme Leader of the First OrderFought alongside the Resistance in the Battle of Crait
Became the Supreme Leader of the First OrderHelped to defeat the Emperor and the Final Order

The Force Awakens

In The Force Awakens, Rey and Kylo Ren meet for the first time during a confrontation on the planet Takodana. Kylo is initially intrigued by Rey, sensing her strength in the Force, and he attempts to draw her to the dark side. Rey resists him, however, and ultimately defeats him in combat, establishing the duo as enemies.

The Last Jedi

In The Last Jedi, Rey and Kylo’s relationship becomes more complicated as they develop a Force bond that allows them to communicate across great distances. They also have several confrontations throughout the film, with Kylo attempting to persuade Rey to join him and rule the galaxy together. Rey is tempted by the idea of turning Kylo back to the light side, but ultimately rejects his offer.

The Rise of Skywalker

In Rise of Skywalker, Rey and Kylo’s relationship takes a dramatic turn as they discover they are a “Force dyad,” two individuals whose connection in the Force is exceptionally strong. Kylo becomes determined to turn Rey to the dark side and reignite the Sith, while Rey is equally determined to turn him back to the light.

Ultimately, their relationship comes to a head in a climactic battle on the wreckage of the second Death Star, where Rey defeats Kylo in combat. However, she ultimately chooses to save him from death and uses her power to heal him. In the end, Kylo renounces the dark side and sacrifices himself to save Rey from the Emperor.

Rey and Kylo Ren’s relationship is one of the most complex and interesting dynamics in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. While they start off as enemies, their relationship becomes increasingly nuanced over time as they develop a connection in the Force. Ultimately, their relationship ends in tragedy, but not before they have both grown and changed in significant ways.


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