Which planets are in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes players on an exciting journey through a variety of new and intriguing planets. Each planet plays a significant role in the game’s story, offering unique environments to explore and secrets to uncover. With the introduction of fast travel, traversing the expansive setting of the game has become more convenient for players. Let’s dive into the list of planets featured in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor:

  1. Coruscant: The game opens on Coruscant, where players are reintroduced to the protagonist, Cal Kestis. While initially rushed away from the planet, players can return later to explore and collect items.
  2. Koboh: Koboh serves as the main hub world in Jedi Survivor, housing Greez and his cantina, Pyloon’s Saloon. The planet has a western frontier atmosphere and offers various side missions and interactions with the locals.
  3. Koboh’s Shattered Moon: Located near Koboh, the Shattered Moon features a science lab and can be freely explored once unlocked during the main story.
  4. Jedha: Jedha, known from the film “Rogue One,” makes an appearance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. While players cannot explore the planet’s capital city, they can venture into the desert landscapes and a hidden base.
  5. Nova Garon: Nova Garon is a small planet where players visit an ISB base. Although it is a relatively short section of the game, there are still collectibles and discoveries to be made. Nova Garon is a destination encountered later in the game.
  6. Tanalorr: Tanalorr is a mythical planet that holds significant importance in the game’s story. Reaching Tanalorr proves to be a challenging task, and it serves as the culmination of the game’s narrative. Cal Kestis aims to create a safe haven on Tanalorr, where those seeking refuge from the Empire can find solace.

These six planets offer diverse settings and exciting opportunities for exploration and gameplay in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. As players progress through the game, they will uncover the secrets and stories woven into each of these captivating worlds. May the Force guide you on your journey through the galaxy!

Image: Star Wars


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