Which Trophies Can I Win on Jedi Fallen Order?

Trophies on Jedi Fallen Order

One aspect of the game that keeps players coming back is the trophy system, which rewards players for accomplishing various tasks and completing specific objectives. In this article, we will explore the trophies available in Jedi Fallen Order and how to earn them.

Introduction to Trophies in Jedi Fallen Order

Trophies are virtual achievements that players can earn by completing certain tasks or reaching specific milestones in the game. In Jedi Fallen Order, there are a total of 39 trophies available, including one platinum trophy, three gold trophies, twelve silver trophies, and twenty-three bronze trophies.

The trophies in Jedi Fallen Order are divided into several categories, including story-based trophies, combat trophies, exploration trophies, and collectibles trophies. Some trophies can be earned simply by progressing through the game’s story, while others require more effort and skill to obtain.

Story-based Trophies

The story-based trophies in Jedi Fallen Order are awarded for completing specific missions and progressing through the game’s narrative. These trophies cannot be missed and are earned by simply playing through the game.

Some of the story-based trophies include:

  • A New Hope: Complete Chapter 1
  • Trust Only In The Force: Complete the story
  • The Mantis: Join the crew
  • A Long Time Ago: Discover the Bogano Vault
  • Her Name Was Masana Tide: Defeat the Ninth Sister

Combat Trophies

The combat trophies in Jedi Fallen Order are awarded for performing specific combat moves or defeating certain enemies in unique ways. These trophies require skill and strategy to obtain and can sometimes be frustrating to earn.

Some of the combat trophies include:

  • Adept: Perform all 8 different types of melee counters
  • Green Thumb: Defeat 20 enemies with the Dowutin Hunter using a single unbroken chain
  • Slice and Dice: Slice an enemy using a vertical and horizontal attack
  • Triple Take: Defeat 3 enemies using a single lightsaber throw

Exploration Trophies

The exploration trophies in Jedi Fallen Order are awarded for discovering and exploring various areas of the game world. These trophies require players to search out hidden paths and secret areas, making them some of the most challenging trophies to obtain.

Some of the exploration trophies include:

  • Legendary Beasts: Defeat four mysterious creatures
  • Full House: Recruited all possible crew members for the Mantis
  • Secret Collector: Collect all of BD-1’s holomaps and data logs
  • Data Disk: Find all of BD-1’s encrypted logs

Collectibles Trophies

The collectibles trophies in Jedi Fallen Order are awarded for finding and collecting various items throughout the game world. These trophies require players to search out hidden areas and complete challenges in order to obtain rare items.

Some of the collectibles trophies include:

  • Cryptographer: Decipher an encrypted log
  • Echo Location: Discover 75 Force Echoes
  • Big Bang: Defeat 20 enemies with explosives
  • Fashion Sense: Customize the look of Cal, BD-1, and the Mantis

Trophies in Jedi Fallen Order add a level of challenge and satisfaction to the game, encouraging players to explore the world and master the game’s combat system. With a total of 39 trophies available, players have plenty of opportunities to earn these virtual achievements and show off their skills. Whether you are a completionist looking to collect every trophy or just someone looking to add a little extra challenge to the game, the trophy system in Jedi Fallen Order is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

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