Who Played Bix Caleen?

Bix Caleen

Bix Caleen is a character in the Star Wars universe who played a central role in the live-action show, Andor, as a close friend of main character Cassian Andor. Here’s more about this impactful character and who played her.

Who is Bix Caleen?

Bix Caleen was a mechanic and owner of the Caleen Salyard on the Free Trade sector planet of Ferrix. She worked alongside her boyfriend Timm Karlo, but was still close with her ex-boyfriend, Cassian Andor. She also had offworld connections, namely Luthen Rael.

NameBix Caleen
AffiliationEnfys Nest’s gang, the Rebel Alliance
AppearancesAndor (2022)
Portrayed byHermione Corfield
SkillsSkilled in combat and cover fire tactics
Adept at resisting torture

Bix Caleen in Andor

Played by the talented Adria Arjona, Calleen’s role in the Star Wars narrative introduced a new dimension to the intricate web of relationships that exist within the franchise.

Bix Calleen shares a profound bond with the series’ central character, Cassian Andor. Their friendship is not only a testament to their shared past and camaraderie, but it also deeply informs the development of Cassian’s character. As the series unfolds, it becomes evident that Bix has a significant influence on Cassian’s life choices and trajectory.

In a gripping plot development, Bix is captured and tortured by the Empire in a desperate attempt to gain knowledge about Cassian’s whereabouts. Displaying remarkable strength and resilience, Bix withstands the harsh interrogation, refusing to betray her friend. This pivotal event underscores the strength of their bond and Bix’s unwavering loyalty.

However, the story does not abandon Bix to her fate. In a thrilling turn of events, Cassian stages a daring rescue, underlining the reciprocal nature of their friendship and their shared defiance against the Empire.

Image: Star Wars


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