Who Shot First, Han or Greedo?


The “Han Shot First” debate is one of the most controversial topics among Star Wars fans, and has been the subject of much debate since the release of the Special Editions. Here is some more information on the topic:

The Original Scene

In the original theatrical release of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, which premiered in 1977, the cantina scene depicts Han Solo and Greedo having a tense conversation. When it becomes clear that Greedo intends to capture Han and turn him over to Jabba the Hutt, Han suddenly draws his blaster and shoots Greedo under the table, killing him instantly.

The Special Editions

In 1997, George Lucas released Special Edition versions of the original Star Wars trilogy, which included numerous changes and additions to the films. One of the most controversial changes was made to the cantina scene in A New Hope. In this version, Greedo shoots first and misses, allowing Han to fire back in self-defense.

Fan Reaction

The change to the cantina scene in the Special Editions was met with a significant amount of backlash from Star Wars fans, who felt that it altered the character of Han Solo from a morally ambiguous anti-hero to a more straightforward hero who only acted in self-defence.

Many fans believe that the original version of the scene, with Han shooting first, better captures the character of Han Solo and his “scoundrel” nature. Others argue that the change makes Han more sympathetic and helps to clarify his actions in the scene.

Canon Status

Despite the controversy, the “Han Shot First” debate remains unresolved. In subsequent home video releases and streaming versions of A New Hope, the scene has continued to depict Greedo shooting first, although some fans continue to argue for the original version.

In terms of canon status, it’s worth noting that George Lucas himself has stated that the Special Edition version is the “official” version of the scene. However, since Lucas has since sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney, it’s unclear whether his opinion on the matter holds any weight in current canon.

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