Why Does Cad Bane Have Tubes?

Cad Bane


Cad Bane, the infamous bounty hunter introduced in the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated series, is a Duros native. Recognized for his ruthless nature and cunning strategies, Bane’s character is unique not only in terms of his actions but also his appearance. A characteristic feature of Bane is his set of breathing tubes, which have intrigued fans worldwide.

Protection Against Force Chokes

Interestingly, these breathing tubes serve a strategic purpose for Cad Bane. As a bounty hunter who often found himself at odds with Jedi, he needed to be prepared to confront the unique set of abilities Jedi could utilise. A common offensive move employed by Jedi and Sith alike is the Force choke, a technique that manipulates the air around a person’s neck, cutting off their oxygen supply and incapacitating them.

However, Bane’s breathing tubes present a valuable countermeasure to this attack. They allow him to maintain his air supply even if a Force user attempts a choke, providing an extra level of defence against one of the most potent weapons in a Jedi or Sith’s arsenal.

Adding an Element of Intimidation

In addition to their practical utility, the breathing tubes contribute to Bane’s overall aesthetics, reinforcing his intimidating persona. As a bounty hunter, his image is part of his arsenal, and his distinctive silhouette, accentuated by his wide-brimmed hat and the ominous tubes on his face, sets him apart.

In essence, Cad Bane’s breathing tubes are a multifaceted tool. They cater to his physiological needs as a Duros, protect him against Force chokes, and enhance his formidable appearance. This combination of elements underscores Bane’s status as a memorable and well-prepared figure in the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” series.

Image: Star Wars


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