Funko announces new collectibles at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023


Some of the many reveals at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 over the weekend took place at the Funko: Collect Across the Galaxy! panel.

The Funko: Collect Across the Galaxy! panel took place on April 9 at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023, with the company presenting a ‘journey of discovery’ through its line-up of existing and upcoming licensed products from across the saga. Guests were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at new items releasing soon and exclusive items could also be picked up from Funko’s N700 booth.

During the panel, Funko also revealed a new range of collectibles, with the Star Wars Bitty Pop! range offering up micro-sized versions of familiar characters. Releasing this summer, the upcoming collection will kick things off with 2.2cm tall figures based on Star Wars: A New Hope. Funko will be launching four standalone four-packs of characters, with three devoted to the light side and three to the dark side. In addition, each pack will also include one rare or hyper-rare Bitty Pop! Each figure comes in miniature packaging with an acrylic case and can be removed for play and display.

Funko also announced Star Wars Rivals, a head-to-head duelling game that will be arriving late Spring 2023. Players get to choose a side, create a squadron and then battle it out for control of iconic locations across a galaxy far, far away. Collectible characters will come as animation-style game movers with unique action ability cards, plus Funko will be releasing a Premier Set and Character Booster Packs for the range.

Finally, fans will be able to carry all of their Funko goodies around in the new Darth Vader crossbody bag from Loungefly. Featuring a design based on the Sith Lord’s iconic helmet, the accessory includes images of Vader and the Emperor’s signature lightning.

Images: Funko


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