Hasbro releases updated Star Wars’ Boba Fett’s Starship collectible


Star Wars and Hasbro have teamed up to create a new Boba Fett ship deluxe toy set.

Hasbro has added former bounty hunter Boba and his starship, Firespray (originally known as Slave I), to its Vintage Collection, a range of action figures and ship replicas packaged in the Kenner style from the ’70s and ’80s. For £209.99, you can take home an action figure of the well-loved warrior in the robes he wore while training on the planet Tython and a scaled version his iconic ship.

The ship itself has multiple interactive features, such as a cockpit opening, working land gear, wing separation, and a ladder accessory. This makes it perfectly suited to both play and display, with various pose options available.

What’s more, the entire set is made in the same scale as the 3.75-inch figure line from Hasbro, meaning it will go perfectly with other toys and Hasbro products from throughout the Star Wars universe.

This latest release is available to buy now from various retailers, with prices starting from £209.99.

Featured image: Lucasfilm


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