Friday, May 24, 2024

Star Wars LEGO

Enter a universe of boundless creativity and endless possibilities with Star Wars LEGO sets. Combining the beloved worlds of Star Wars and LEGO, these iconic building toys offer fans of all ages a chance to construct their own galactic adventures. From intricate starships and epic battle scenes to charming brick renditions of beloved characters, Star Wars LEGO sets ignite imagination and bring the iconic saga to life in a whole new way. Join us as we explore the captivating realm of Star Wars LEGO and discover the joy of building your own galactic empire.

Winning the Steam Wars Contest

photo credit: Bohman "The concept is simple: recreate a vehicle from Star Wars in steampunk style." Interestingly enough, a winner has been announced in the classic "Steam-Wars Contest" over at the FBTB (From Bricks to Bothans) forums. You know we...

Lego Star Wars Box Art

Is that a wi-fi logo I see?source:

Star Wars Lego on your Mac

Do not despair, Star Wars-loving Mac users. George Lucas loves you too. The original Lego Star Wars game is now a universal binary, meaning you can now play the game on the newest Intel-based Macs as well as good...