Regal Robot showcases Star Wars: The Mandalorian Mythosaur Collection


Regal Robot has been shining a spotlight on a number of items from its Star Wars: The Mandalorian Mythosaur Collection.

Renowned for its high-end licensed collectibles, Regal Robot has plenty of desirable Star Wars items available from its website store. Recent additions have included two versions of the Archive Collection Tusken Raider Gaffi Sticks, the Ree-Yees Concept Maquette Replica and The Mandalorian Grogu (The Child) Concept Maquette Dual Signature Edition.

Regal Robot is now showcasing its Star Wars: The Mandalorian Mythosaur Collection, with some items almost out of stock and one new piece announced. Depending on how deep your pockets are, fans can pick up something small, such as the Mythosaur Skull Mini Sculpture, with the collectible priced at $34.99 and based on the distinctive marking first seen on Boba Fett’s armour in The Empire Strikes Back.

Alternatively, if space (and money) is no object, you could always put in a custom request for a 7-foot-tall Mythosaur Skull Wall Décor. This massive item was originally created by sculptor Patrick Louie for last year’s Star Wars Celebration Anaheim event from a giant block of rigid foam. There’s no price listed for the huge display piece, but we suspect it won’t come cheap…

Finally, Regal Robot has announced the arrival of the Boba Fett Prototype Armor Skull Mini Sculpture. Priced at $38.99, the collectible is available for purchase now and is a 4.75-inch décor piece inspired by an earlier version of Boba Fett’s Mandalorian armour. The highly-detailed, solid resin skull boasts hand-staining accents and makes for a truly impressive display piece.

Images: Regal Robot


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