Boba Fett : Agent of Doom


Boba Fett : Agent of Doom –  10 Years ANH

BNH=Before ‘a New Hope’     ANH=After ‘A New Hope’

Boba Fett : Agent of Doom
Writer:John Ostrander
Artist:Cam Kennedy
Cover Artist:Francisco Luis Velasco
Details:32 pages – $2.99 US, $4.50 CAN
Publish Date:November 8, 2000
Publisher:Dark Horse
Some jobs are too much of a risk for even the best bounty hunters — but that never stopped Boba Fett! The Imperial “Death Ship” Azgoghk , designed for the sole purpose of exterminating alien species, continues its duties long after the Empire has fallen apart. Now it’s time for justice and REVENGE. When the last member of a dying species seeks to exact revenge on the Azgoghk and its crew, there’s only one man he can turn to — BOBA FETT!

This Story Collected In …

Boba Fett : Man with a Mission
Writer:Thomas Andrews
Writer:Ron Marz
Writer:John Ostrander
Writer:John Wagner
Artist:Cam Kennedy
Artist:Adriana Melo
Artist:Francisco Luis Velasco
Artist:Tsuneo Sanda
Format:Trade Paperback
Details:104 pages – $12.95 US
Publish Date:March 28, 2007
Publisher:Dark Horse
The greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy faces four of his most dangerous missions in this volume of hard-to-find Boba Fett adventures!

Whether it’s taking on an Imperial ship designed to wipe out entire alien species or battling amidst a vicious civil war fueled by both the Rebellion and the Empire, entering an abandoned Star Destroyer seeking a mysterious prize or settling a dispute between an Imperial outpost and the local leadership, there’s no job too deadly for the man in the Mandalorian armor–if the price is right!


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