I, Jedi


I, Jedi
Writer:Michael A. Stackpole
Cover Artist:Drew Struzan
Details:464 pages – $23.95 US, $32.95 CAN
Publish Date:May 5, 1998
From the author of the bestselling Star Wars X-wing series comes an original novel of Star Wars action. I, Jedi is a marvelous and rare opportunity to see inside the minds of those special warriors learning to use the weapons and wisdom of the legendary Jedi Knights…and harness the awesome power of the Force. This first-person story is of Corran Horn, a heroic X-wing pilot who faces the greatest challenge of his life: trying to come to terms with his Jedi heritage and learning to use the Force-without succumbing to the dark side.


Alternate Editions …

I, Jedi
Details:577 pages – $6.99 US, $8.99 CAN
Publish Date:June 1, 1999
Corran Horn has distinguished himself as one of the best and brightest of Rogue Squadron’s elite fighting force. Then his wife, Mirax, vanishes on a covert mission for the New Republic, and Corran vows to find her. To do so, he knows he must develop the latent Force powers inherited from his grandfather, a legendary Jedi hero. He joins Luke Skywalker’s famed Jedi academy to begin training, only to quit in frustration at Skywalker’s methods. Now Corran is on his own. Using his Corellian undercover experience, he must infiltrate, sabotage, and destroy a ruthless organization in order to find his wife. But to succeed, Corran will have to come to terms with his Jedi heritage–and make a terrible choice: surrender to the dark side…or die.


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