Mara Jade #0


Mara Jade #0 -5 Years BNH

BNH=Before ‘a New Hope’     ANH=After ‘A New Hope’

Mara Jade #0
Writer:Timothy Zahn
Artist:Carlos Ezquerra
Format:Online Comic
Publish Date:July 26, 1998
Publisher:Dark Horse
She moves through the shadows and behind the scenes, a deadly and beautiful tool of the dread Emperor Palpatine . . . Mara Jade. StarWars.Com previews Mara Jade: The Emperor’s Hand in a web-exclusive. View it here.


This Story Collected In …

Mara Jade : By the Emperor’s Hand
Format:Trade Paperback
Details:144 pages – $15.95 US, $24.95
Publish Date:September 1, 1999
Publisher:Dark Horse
Mara Jade is beautiful, intelligent–and deadly! She is the personal assassin of the Empire’s dark overlord. But after the Emperor’s death, an unforeseen variable is about to enter the scene of her final mission, the assassination of the leader of the Black Nebula crime organization. Though her master is dead, Jade must complete her final mission . . . even if it costs her life!


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