Site Updates and Notes


You may have noticed a slight hiccup as JediNet went through a server change. Everything is back to normal, for the most part, and you may notice a few new features. First, JediNet now supports the OpenID protocol. So for those who have an OpenID, JediNet doesn’t make you remember another set username and password. Simply use your OpenID. Existing users can link their OpenID as well.

Also, the commenting system was opened to allow non-registered users to post comments. Hopefully this will encourage further discussion. To fight the inevitable spam, a captcha must be solved to post the comment. And while we’re at it, why not help digitize books?

Now for an off-site update. JediNet is now using Twitter! If you’d like to follow us, we can be found here: JediNet twitter account. Follow us, and we’ll follow you. Pretty much we’ll tweet whenever there’s a new post, site update, or occasionally we’ll tweet something interesting and Star Wars related we found. You can also send us your discoveries by including @JediNet in your tweets. Don’t forget you can still send us your links to our Delicious account as well.


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