The People vs. George Lucas


“He was in the right place at the right time. Naturally, he became a villain.”

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that fans both love and hate George Lucas, just as they both love and hate the Prequels and all things Star Wars. One glance at forums such as the Galactic Senate shows the passion with which fans from both camps bring to the great debate.

From the oldest days in the ancient past (we’re talking mid-90’s here) fans have sought outlets to express themselves. Email groups and message boards morphed into social networks, blogs, and podcasts. But now there is a new medium. Now you can express your opinion as part of a feature film.

Some time ago, The People vs. George Lucas came to my attention. It is a feature film documentary, currently still in production. The premise: George Lucas, the man you love and hate, is taken to court on the trial of the century. YOU have been summoned to offer your testimony. Will you be a witness for the prosecution, or for the defense?

It’s a brilliant setup. If there’s one franchise almost guaranteed to elicit impassioned responses, it’s Star Wars. Expect loads of user submitted videos. In addition, the production has gathered celebrity testimony from individuals such as Gary Kurtz, David Prowse, Todd Hanson, and others.

Head on over to their site (link below) to participate. The guidelines are fairly straightforward:

  • Have an opinion, record it in video (in one of several specific formats – see guidelines)
  • Sign a talent release (for those in the video), and a program submission release (for the video itself)
  • mail in the materials and release forms (you may also upload the video via ftp)

Thanks to Alexandre Phillippe for the news! I know it was a week ago but the more publicity the better, right?


And last of all, here’s the HD trailer as found on Youtube:


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